About us

PNDA History

Local dance teachers in the early seventies provided the impetus for the formation of the Palmerston North Dance Association. With the support of the Palmerston North Arts Council the working group was formalised and the Palmerston North Dance Association was formed in 1972.

One of the founding objectives of the PNDA and very much the guiding principle today is to encourage, foster and promote the practice and appreciation of all dance forms and to encourage a collegiality amongst dancer’s, teachers and associates.

The Association went into recess in 1991 and reformed under the same name in 1999. The rebirth of the association was celebrated by a Dance 2000 concert, which has become the series of concerts held on alternate years involving all the local dance schools.

Today the Association’s membership reflects the original intention at the time of formation consisting of teachers and students (past and present), parents and supporters involved in classical ballet, contemporary, modern jazz, hip-hop, tap and traditional Irish dance, musical theatre and others.

Monica Skinner Memorial Scholarship

PNDA established the Monica Skinner Scholarship for tertiary dance study in 2010. Named after Monica Skinner, who was secretary of the PNDA from 2004 -2009. Monica died in 2009 and her diligent achievements in securing funds to further dance education are the impetus for this scholarship in her name. The scholarship, funds permitting, is awarded yearly to a local dancer embarking on tertiary dance studies. The entries for the scholarship will be made available to teachers at our Gala Event during our main competition event.

2022 Keearndra Tohill and Ayla Cooksey
2021 Aylin Atalay and Marie Jones
2020 Isabella Jones (read more about Isabella in Young Kiwi dancer has international ambitions)
2019 Shavaun Tohill
2018  no applicants
2017 Charlotte Gilmour and Tobyn Gregory
2016  Megan Morrison
2015  Luke Cooper and Daniel Hardcastle
2014  Michelle Geange and Emily Hancock
2013  Kara Imrie
2012  Nicola Morrison
2011  Ashley Hodges
2010  Emma Martin

PNDA Committee

Sir Jon Trimmer MBE

Maryanne Mechen

Vice President
Yvonne Hocken

Lauren Francis

Kathy Geange

Dance Teacher Rep
Michelle Robinson

Convenors Dance Competitions
Maryanne Mechen
Lauren Francis

Committee Members
Christine Booker
Rose Brownlie
Pam Fowler
Ashley Hodges
Tracy Horman
Beth Jones
Lisa Procter
Katrina Rose
Renata Tombleson

Life Members
Moira Cruickshank 2001-2010
Yvonne Hocken 2015
Zoe Holloway 2001-2014
Michelle Robinson 2015
Michelle Bowater 2017