We are a non-profit, incorporated organisation and our objectives are

  • To encourage, foster and promote the practice and appreciation of all dance forms
  • To encourage, foster and promote all cultural and education activities of all dance forms
  • To inculcate in the individual a sense of responsibility and of sportsmanship to fellow members and associates

Download our 2021 Membership Form or contact our president Maryanne Mechen at 
Internet Banking – Westpac 03 1522 0013110 00
Membership is due by the end of February each year

Benefits of membership

  • Members are issued with one free Festival pass to our September competitions (currently Festival passes are $25, giving you a wonderful bonus for supporting us)
  • PNDA newsletter celebrating local dancers, dance schools and activities
  • Discounted rate to events including our biennial Workshops/Dance 2000 series
  • Contacts and networking as members of the dance community
  • PNDA is a member of PACANZ which means we can offer nominations in Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance, and are covered for APRA (music copyright fees)
  • Consideration for a travel subsidy to such events as Winter School and other dance education opportunities. This is always dependent on funds being available
  • We have launched a Gala Evening event as part of our September dance competitions. This is run to highlight and support ballet dancers participating in the championship classes. Members are invited to be part of this entertaining, social and networking occasion

Annual membership

Family Membership $20

Individual Membership $10

Teacher Membership $20

Local Dance Teacher financial members are offered the opportunity to take part in our biennial Regent Dance day where they can have their studio perform an item in conjunction with other dance studios from the area. On alternate years we offer workshops which, in the past, have included ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre and impromptu dance skills.

We are a hard working committee, dedicated to providing dance opportunities to local dancers and their teachers. While we have ballet, modern/jazz, contemporary and tap styles of dance as our priority, we are trying to extend our networking as time and resources allow.

We appreciate your support of our efforts on behalf of the dancers, by showing your commitment through becoming a current financial member of PNDA.