Competitions and Events

2022 Competitions

We hold three competitions a year for ballet, modern and tap.

Our usual February competition (held in April this year) is for tap, plus impromptus in all genres, and our NYP Awards nomination class for tap solos will also be held during this weekend.

Our dance weekend in March is for restricted Ballet and Modern solo classes, open duos, trios and groups and we also hold our NYP Awards nomination class for solos and troupes during this weekend.

Our big competition Festival is held at the start of the September/October school holidays.  We hold classes in ballet, modern, tap and include championship classes for ballet, modern and tap.

March 18-20 2022 – Competition (Regent on Broadway)
New dates: 24, 25, 26th June 2022
Updated schedule to be posted soon

Download a PDF of the March Competition Syllabus here.

PNDA Restricted Ballet and Modern Competitions + PACANZ Ballet, Modern & Troupe Nominations offered

2-3 April 2022 (Globe Theatre)

Download a PDF of the April Competition Syllabus here.

PNDA Restricted and Open Tap Solos and Troupe Competition, including multi-genre impromptu classes + PACANZ Tap Solos Nominations offered

2022 Events

In addition to our competitions we hold a mid year biennial workshop day or a Regent concert for local dance school members.

12 June 2022 – PNDA Workshop (Regent on Broadway)

30 September – 6 October 2022 – PNDA Annual Dance Competitions & Gala Evening (Regent on Broadway)

19 – 25 October 2022 – Mega Mega PACANZ National Young Performer Awards (Regent on Broadway)
Troupes, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Highland, Vocal, Instrumental, Pianoforte, Speech & Drama

We are a member society of PACANZ (Performing Arts Competitions Association of NZ) formed in 1966.

PACANZ hold the National Young Performer Awards each year in October. The awards have been held since 1977. The award Concert came to Palmerston North in 2014 and is usually held on a weekend close to 14th, 15th and 16th October at the Regent on Broadway. The PNDA, together with the Manawatu Performing Arts Competition Society (MPACS), host the awards in our city.

All performers are nominated by member societies across New Zealand. There are eight art forms, four of which occur on alternate years. In 2019 we had modern, highland, speech and drama, and instrumental. In 2020 we are in ballet, tap, piano and vocal.

PACANZ Tap nominations 2022
Gabrielle Cabauatan (PNDA)
Amelia Wells (PNDA)
Jorgia Troughton (DanceNZmade)

PNDA’s PACANZ Tap troupe nomination 2021
Move it Dance works- Welcome to Wonderland

PACANZ Modern Solo Nominations 2021
Anya Down, Marie Jones (nominated by PNDA)
Sophie Hunter, Maia MCGrath (gifted nomination from DanceNZmade)
Ayla Cooksley (gifted by Rotorua Performing Arts)

PACANZ Ballet Solo Nomination 2021
Keearndra Tohill, Georgia Lunn (nominated by PNDA)

PACANZ Troupe Nominations 2020/2021
Dean Mckerras School of Dance- Hiphop (nominated by PNDA, 2020)
StepUp Dance Company (2020)
StepUp Dance Company(nominated by PNDA, 2021)
Judith Fuge Dance – End of Time  (gifted by Mosgiel Ballet, 2021)

PNDA’s 2019 Modern nominees were Isabella Jones and Shavaun Tohill.

Our Group/Troupe nomination went to Anomaly. Gifted solo nominations from DanceNZMade went to Becky Moles and Ella Kurtz. Troupe nominations from Festival of Dance and Taieri Society went to Dean Mckerra’s School of Dance and Judith Fuge Dance Studio.

PNDA’s 2020 Ballet Nominees are Tessa Cockerton-Holmes & Isabella Vollmer.

Our Group/Troupe nomination is Dean Mckerras school of Dance – ‘Alpha’.

Gifted nominations Ballet to India Shackel from DanceNZmade and Troupe to Step out Dance Company ‘Uh Ha’ from Mosgiel.

PNDA 2020 Tap Nominees are Kate McGimpsey & Tara Fox.

Our Tap troupe nomination to Carol-Anne Moynihan Dancers  ‘It’s a Musical’.

Gifted Nominations to Greer Sawtell & Georgina Palmer from DanceNZ made.